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Train Fares Cut By Up To 50% In Kashmir

Sheikh Owais

In a significant move, the authorities in Kashmir have announced a substantial reduction in train fares. Commuters and travelers can now benefit from up to 50% discounts on their train journeys within the region.

What Does This Mean for Passengers?

  1. Affordability: With the lowered fares, passengers can enjoy more affordable travel options. Whether it’s daily commuting or leisure trips, the cost savings will be a welcome relief.
  2. Increased Accessibility: The reduced fares make train travel accessible to a wider segment of the population. Families, students, and tourists can explore the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir without straining their budgets.
  3. Boost to Tourism: Kashmir’s natural beauty and cultural heritage attract tourists from around the world. The fare cuts are expected to encourage more visitors to explore the region via the scenic train routes.

New Fair Rates

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Train Fares Cut By Up To 50% In Kashmir
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Train Fares Cut By Up To 50% In Kashmir

Routes Covered

The discounted fares apply to various popular routes, including:

  • Srinagar to Baramulla: A picturesque journey through lush valleys and snow-capped peaks.
  • Banihal to Qazigund: Passengers can experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Pir Panjal range.
  • Jammu to Udhampur: This route offers glimpses of historic forts and temples.

Booking Details

To avail of the discounted fares, passengers can book their tickets through the official Kashmir Railways website or visit the nearest railway station. Remember to plan your travel and explore the enchanting landscapes of Kashmir while enjoying the cost savings!

Note: The fare reduction is subject to change, so stay updated with the latest announcements.

Let’s celebrate this positive step toward making train travel more accessible and affordable for everyone in Kashmir! 🚂🌄



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