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Post Office Franchise: Big News! Open the post office franchise, earn up to 50,000 rupees every month. know how

Post office franchise :The post office does not only do the work of delivering the letters to their address, but it is related to the life of the people. The postal department is involved in the moments of happiness and sorrow of the people.


Apart from all this, the post office plays many other roles. It keeps the savings of the people safe and also provides investment opportunities. Even the post office provides employment to lakhs of people.


Meanwhile Today, on the occasion of Postal Week, we are talking about how to get employment from the post office. How can a post office be our source of income?

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You can make the post office your means of earning and for this neither much capital is needed nor any degree-diploma. Even a person who has passed only the eighth pass can make the post office a source of income.


Here we are talking about the post office franchise. By taking a post office franchise, you can earn up to 50 thousand rupees every month. By taking a franchise, you can start earning by doing work in the post office somewhere in the village or city.


Let us tell you that there are many such places across the country, where there is a need to open a post office, but this facility cannot b provided there, so a franchise outlet is opened to provide postal facilities to the people there.


Who can take the post office franchise,


Any Indian citizen can do this work. The age of the person taking the franchise should be more than 18 years. A person wishing to take a franchise should be VIII pass.


After taking a post office franchise, you earn through commission. However In this, you can earn by selling registered articles, speed post booking, money orders, registry, postage stamps, postal stationery and money order forms.


How To Take Franchise


There are two types of franchises in the post office. One is Outlet Franchisee and the other is Postal Agents Franchisee. You can take any of these two franchises.


Apart from this, agents who deliver postage stamps and stationery door to door in urban and rural areas. It is known as Postal Agents Franchisee.


Further You have to apply for a post office franchise. To apply, you can click on this official link on the Indian Post website link . From here you can download the form and apply for the franchise.


After the application, all those who will b selected for the franchise will have to sign an agreement with the Department of Posts. After this agreement, you can start the work of giving the facilities provided in the postal department to the people.

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